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Going From A to B at the Speed of Light

June 30, 2010

Imagine a technology that was first conceived of over 130 years ago by Alexander Graham Bell transmitting data and voice at speeds greater than 8,000 times the capacity of traditional high speed connections. Imagine that this technology is not only affordable but easy to setup and employ. This is SkyFiber, the ultimate Optical Wireless Broadband solution. It goes where Fiber Optics cannot go.

Although some of the technology between the two is quite similar in that both rely on an LED or Laser to generate light transmission, SkyFiber takes it up a notch however thanks to its delivery protocol. Instead of the light transmission moving through a thin glass fiber, SkyFiber OWB literally transmits through the air.

There are several advantages to this including being more environmentally friendly. SkyFiber OWB is a clean technology; there is no ransacking of the earth to lay cable, thus saving time, labor and much of the expense of running fiber optics. It also does not generate the RF pollution associated with Microwave RF.  Moreover, in order to deliver the speed that OWB offers, RF devices require at least three times the power, creating even more pollution.

SkyFiber currently has enough power to transmit data and voice at speeds up to 1.25 Gbps, and in the near future will top speeds of 10 Gbps.

If you require the speed of Fiber Optics but do not want the headaches, the SkyFiber Optical Wireless Broadband solution just may be what you are looking for.


About Skyfiber, Inc.

April 20, 2010

SKYFIBER™ delivers high-capacity low-cost Optical Wireless Broadband (OWB) communications products that are changing the way we think about addressing the rapidly growing Broadband needs of enterprise business, mobility backhaul, last-mile connectivity, high-security data networks, and emergency response networks. With innovative technology breakthroughs, SKYFIBER has delivered 99.999% reliability even in fog, rain, and smog, and also holds the exclusive patent on Point-to-Multipoint mesh deployment of OWB. The global demand for economical, highly secure Broadband at Gigabit speeds is greater than ever, and SKYFIBER is ready to meet that demand by providing Optical Wireless Broadband to connect the world.